Nvidia’s competing GeForce 8-series technology hit the market last November, and GPU-watchers have been waiting impatiently for the battle to be joined. The situation resembles the previous group of tests, but there are some differences. ATI’s latest and greatest doesn’t exactly deliver the best performance per watt, so while it doesn’t compete performance-wise with the GeForce GTX it requires more power. R performs in this test just like the previous solutions from the company, there is nothing interesting here. First of all we’ll test the simplest vertex shader, which shows maximum triangle throughput: These diagrams show that the arithmetic-intensive modification of the shader works faster on all GPUs.

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Radeon HD 2900 XT

Less than two years raden the debut radeon hd 2900 xt zt Radeon X series, the former ATI is now ready to release its new generation of technology, the Radeon HD family. The second screenshot shows fan speed controls.

In the next part of our article radeon hd 2900 xt are going to test the new AMD solution in modern games and see how valid our synthetic conclusions are. Should run at 4. So we can assume that the performance is limited by texelrate, as texture fetches are inevitable in any tests, especially in real 3D applications. Andrey Vorobiev anvakams ixbt.

To write a lot of pixels. And the remaining two pins are responsible only for unlocking overclocking the driver determines if these pins are powered; and if not, it blocks any attempts to increase frequencies through the driver.

AMD Radeon HD XT Review | Trusted Reviews

To reveal potential of the new architectures, they have to choose compute-intensive algorithms. There is a small consolation: The fan noise is not very radeon hd 2900 xt, but the airflow itself radeon hd 2900 xt much noise.

While we couldn’t really get the whole story from anyone, we heard bits and pieces here and there radeonn our three day briefing event in Tunis, Tunisia. Radekn due in part to the fact that R is designed to work in concert with Microsoft’s DirectX 10 graphics programming interface, which modifies the traditional graphics pipeline to unlock more programmability and flexibility.

The other ones will certainly appear radeon hd 2900 xt soon. We’ll start with easier shaders, Radeon hd 2900 xt 2. One might also wish to draw parallels to the unified shader architecture of Nvidia’s G80 GPU, but the R arranges its execution resources quite differently from G80, as well.

Compare R eadeon R — the number of ROPs in both chips is identical, but memory bandwidth of the new solution with the same memory chips is twice as high! Keeping that in mind, we do have some information and speculation about a few of the road bumps AMD faced with R We’ll see in the next part of the article.

But R shoots forward in more complex PS 2.

Both solutions from AMD are on a par. Happily, R is at last ready to roll.

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These radeon hd 2900 xt generate much load not only on ALUs, but also on texture modules. One test favors this architecture, the other one favors that one. Judging by our results, the Xr can really fetch 16 texels per cycle for bit textures and bilinear-filter them.

That’s why the video card is equipped with its own audio codec. That’s a big disadvantage of the new accelerator. The situation is actually the same as in the previous case, but R shoots radeon hd 2900 xt forward.

The number of TMUs can be insufficient for modern games. There are no adapters for this connector yet. So the aspect is not quite usual: This time there are no changes, FFP and Shaders 2.

So we are planning to give it up in future radeon hd 2900 xt and use new Direct3D 10 tests instead. Please know that this is not a confirmed fact, but just an educated guess. These conversations were short and scattered and not the kind of thing that it’s easy to get a straight answer about when asking direct questions.

They will show the real worth of the new solutions.