Release three clamps and then remove the wires. The power source PWB sheet must be installed in the specified position. Page 2JN-1 Outer covers 1 Detaching and refitting the left cover and right cover Procedure 1. Unhook two hooks by using a flat screw- driver from the pits. You must be logged in to post a review.

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However, can be used to prevent curling or creasing of paper, or solve a fuser problem on thick paper. Due to high-voltage scorotron charging, the charging wire can get contaminated by oxi- olivetti d-copia 284mf after a long run. Page 74 Maintenance Description item No. To prevent this problem, the shading position should be changed so that shading is possible olivetti d-copia 284mf being affected by the flaws or stains.

Olivetti d-Copia 284MF Service Manual

Adjusting the scanner automatically U Description Uses the adjustment original suppled with DP and automatically adjusts the following olivetti d-copia 284mf in the scanner and the DP scanning sections. Purpose Used when the image fogging occurs because the scanning position is not proper when the DP is olivteti. Unhook two hooks by using a flat screw- driver from the pits.

Page 17 Fax functions Compatibility Remove two connectors from the control PWB. Pull the MP feed holder lever down. Line connector L1 Olivetti d-copia 284mf size Indicator plate Why lease hire the Olivetti d-copia mf Multifunctional machine?

Make the adjustment if the magnification in the auxiliary scanning direction is incorrect. Page 22 This olivetti d-copia 284mf is intentionally left blank. Olivetti d-copia mf Technical Specifications: Page 51 Maintenance Description item No.


Page 90 Maintenance Description item No. Page 99 Maintenance Description item No. Unhook four hooks and then remove the frame left duct.

Screw Inlet mount Figure 7. For copy example 1, increase the value. Pull the DP out.

Olivetti d-Copia MF : PC Care Ltd, Spare Parts and Consumables

Open the front cover. Page 6 Printer Settings Orientation 1. Cools the interior of machine.

Remove the left cover and right cover See page Before refitting the retard olivetti d-copia 284mf assembly, firmly install the spring onto the projection of the retard roller assembly. Power source PWB Page 73 Maintenance Description item No.

Page Fuser section The toner on the paper is molten and pressed into the paper as it passes between the heat roller and the press roller in the fuser olivetti d-copia 284mf. Paper length guide Page 64 Maintenance Description item No. U Function of the unit excl. Page 87 Maintenance Description item No. A4MonoOlivettiOlivetti d-copia 284mf Tags: Purpose To adjust the speed of the motor when the magnification in the auxiliary scanning direction is not correct.

Checking the total counter value U Description Displays the total counter value.