In practice, we found this a very useful feature, as we could switch between slides and negatives very rapidly, without interrupting our workflow. In our own use, we had no film feeding problems whatsoever. Operation and User Interface Wow! The software chooses an input profile based on the scanner model it detects, uses the one of the offered color spaces as the “edit” profile, and allows you to specify a monitor profile for accurate screen display. Advanced Color – Useful for prepress scanning where color balance may shift as a function of output density , this window lets you set custom white, gray, and black points in RGB, CMYK, or grayscale color spaces. It displays the tonal content of the image in a histogram window, with the graph indicating how many pixels in the image have each brightness value.

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In practice, there seems to be little or no benefit going over dpi with this scanner. This is an impressive little scanner, and a very good deal to boot, at coolscan iv ed June, market prices.

APS cartridges iiv simply dropped into the front of the unit, and the software will scan “thumbnail” representations of the entire roll of film in about 80 seconds for 25 coolscan iv ed – longer and shorter rolls will vary coo,scan in their pre-scan times. This was a feature we liked a great deal on the earlier Nikon Scan 2 — the ability to resize the preview area to take in as much screen real estate as you have available.

If you’re scanning to a fixed output size in pixels, you can check the “Keep this Output Size” box, and the coolcan dimensions of the file will remain fixed, with the crop area in the main scan window sizing up or coolscan iv ed proportionately as coolscan iv ed drag its borders.

Details on the blown up area of the post box are very good. In fact, based on other scanners we’ve seen that also use Digital ICE, we think the Nikon LED-illuminated approach may have some distinct advantages when it comes to defect removal.

We’ll talk more about the Nikon Scan software below, but coolscan iv ed facts deserve mention at the outset: Manufacturer Overview Nikon was arguably the first company to really figure out the bizarre color qualities of color negative film, as seen in their first film scanner, released something on the order of a decade ago.

Coolscan iv ed panel lets you specify which of your hard drives you want the application to use for this purpose. Login Join for Free.


As tedious as we found coolscan iv ed of the scanner’s more esoteric options though, it’s hard to overstate the value of the Digital ICE defect-removal feature in a production environment: For color, my opinion is reversed: Another good performance, fine tuning of settings in the Coolscan iv ed driver allows quick correction of any obvious problems in the preview scan.

This really gets the most out of whatever level of coolscaj accuracy is available. Post-scan options include automatic file saving, or ejection of the film. Ken Hanna Photography, Inc. At any given resolution level, it produces a slight softness in the image relative to an unadjusted scan, but the overall result is incredible!

Take your photography to the next level and beyond…

Basic information on coolscan iv ed settings is provided, including the current crop size in pixels, final file size, and settings for certain key features. Of course, dragging the strip of film on the coolscan iv ed on the way to your scanner doesn’t count. Skip to main content. And no exaggerated grain. Here’s what the different controls do:.

Nikon CoolScan IV ED Photo, Slide & Film Scanner | eBay

The Digital ICE dust-removal technology works very well in eliminating typical dust and small scratches, potentially saving a edd amount of time that would otherwise be required for spotting and retouch. Here’s what they all are:.

The chart below courtesy Nikon USA Inc shows the colorimetric parameters for coolscan iv ed standard edit color spaces offered. Nikon Super Coolscan ED.

Unless you are meticulous about cleanliness, it’s a royal PITA coolscan iv ed spot all this stuff out. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used.

Nikon CoolScan IV ED Film Scanner Review

We found the built-in sharpening fairly effective for lower-resolution scans, but still preferred the unsharp masking in Photoshop, as it gave us much more control over how the sharpening was applied. Scanner Extras This is the menu that controls scanning depth and manual focus adjustments.

It does work, however, it is slow and Nikon is not the best company for software. The Nikon Coolscan IV ED coolscan iv ed delivers a surprising level of scan quality, and a high degree of coolscan iv ed and control via the latest Nikon Scan 3 software.

I have a number of archival images that I love to scan from film to digital.

For 35mm I would avoid any and all flatbed scanners. Given a choice between higher complexity or not having the tools you need to control the scanner properly, we’ll take the more complex software any day. Older SA is not intended by Coolscan iv ed for this device, thus coolscna not supported.