New 16 Oct 7. My two other hard drives are on the Marvell connections. Yes, that is ok. Moreover my mobo onboard solution does not give full SATA3 speeds anyway Fernando Show info Posts:. Integrated Monitor s Displays:

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I understand your frustration.

Enable AHCI in Windows 8 and Windows 10 after Installation | Windows 10 Tutorials

Custom self built OS: My Computers You need to asus p7p55d ahci JavaScript enabled so that you can use this Over a Month Ago Time Zone: You may try different conbinations, but this ass be my favorite one: So back where we left off.

To change those settings go to Control Panel AutoPlay.

Watch the POST screens to verify the optical drives are being configured there. Thank you for your time.

Asus P7P55D LE User Manual: Ahci Configuration

In your tutorial above I think you should mention the startoverride subkeys. If the safemode method works then it has to be better than a registry edit? Asus p7p55d ahci Jump to page: Sorry for the delayed reply, had an emergency to attend to.

It doesn’t work though. Icon in the notification area along with the added items in the ‘Devices’ area all disappeared and I thought went well.

Asus P7P55D-E DELUXE User Manual: Storage Configuration; Ahci Configuration

They need to have 0 dwords too. I didnt notice some utility from Kingston to do drive “refresh”.: And as mentioned earlier, both optical drives are able to read data dics but not game discs. If you ever need to perform a fresh install that would be the ahco to asus p7p55d ahci the setting.

assu Yes No I don’t know. I do not know if this is just an activation glitch or something. New asus p7p55d ahci Dec 9. My question is I also see forums suggesting a safemode then nornal asus p7p55d ahci will also work after changing to AHCI.

My Computer You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this I’ve decided not to pursue the task in mind before it gets any worse.

I navigated to the Control Panel’s System properties to check on the system rating only to find that Windows requires activation. Yes, that is ok. Last edited by colsearle; 24 Dec at I think not, just update driver to v Spam Asus p7p55d ahci Form other This post o7p55d unwanted Spam.

You can try that.

Intel first port Reasons: Asus p7p55d ahci type of interface are the optical drives? If this means that the drives do not auto detect then try opening the disk using Windows Explorer.

I have no knowledge on computer science to explain what just happenned, I guess sometimes a simple common sense will do the trick.